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10 Baby Gadgets For Tech-Savvy Parents


In our world full of technological advancements, does raising a baby even have to be that hard? Short answer, yes. Until the end of time, new mothers and fathers will forever experience sleepless nights and hectic days. Make the entire process a little bit easier (or, at least, a little bit more modern) with these 10 neat gadgets in your back pocket…or in the diaper bag.

1. Pregnancy Sound System


image via Amazon | available via Nuvo Group

Want to expose your child to the wonders of classic music early on? This pregnancy sound system is not only comfortable, but it does a great job at introducing your baby to the amazing world of music.


Self-Warming Bottle


image via Amazon | availabe via iiamo

With this self-warming bottle, parents can forget about having to constantly heat up milk!

MamaRoo Bouncer


image via 4moms | available via 4moms

A baby’s own personal roller coaster, this automatic bouncer is great for keeping a baby entertained while your hands are busy.



via CTA Digital

A baby is busy in our modern age. Make the most of their potty time by allowing them to play learning games at the same time!

Keep – It  – Kleen Pacifier


image via Diapers | availabe via RaZbaby

Babies drop things all the time. With this unique pacifier, parents don’t have to worry about getting a dirtied mouthpiece.

Boon Glo Flashlight


via boon 

This unique flashlight not only gives your baby’s room a nice gentle glow, but each of the balls double as light-up toys for their pleasure.

Squirt Baby Food


image via osesek24 | available via boon

Baby food seems messy, but it doesn’t have to be. With this squirt-feeder, parents can forget about messy mealtimes!

Origami Power-Folding Stroller


image via 4moms | available via 4moms

At the end of a long day outside, the last thing you want to do is struggle with folding up a baby’s stroller. This stroller does the job for you with the push of a button.

Gro Egg Visual Thermometer


via the gro company

To keep a constant check on the temperature of your baby’s room, a visual thermometer not only gets the job done, but also gives the room a nice, gentle glow.

Mimo Onesie


via mimobaby
This onesie features a slew of tech features that allow parents to keep track of their baby’s temperature, heart rate, and so on. All of the information is sent directly to their phones!
Main Image Source: Amazon
Collage Source: 1. mimobaby 2. Amazon 3. osesek24