10 Delicious Breakfast Casseroles



Casserole, from the French word “casse” meaning “case,” is a large, deep, lasagna-like dish. This is important to know, because it means that literally any amount of food you heap into a deep dish can technically be called a casserole. So, open your mind and prepare for 10 of the yummiest breakfast casseroles ever made.

1. Bacon and Hashbrown Egg Casserole

This is a great breakfast dish because it combines all your favorite breakfast foods. Sausage, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, peppers, onions….they’re all there.


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Country Breakfast Casserole

This soft, easy-to-make casserole can be cooked up in 40 minutes.


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3. Ham and Cheese Omelette Bake

This casserole has a little bit of everything. It’s got ham and cheese, but at the same time it doesn’t skip on the veggies with a hearty serving of broccoli.


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Overnight Peaches-and-Cream French Toast

If you would rather wake up and sink your teeth into something a little sweeter, this peaches-and-cream casserole is perfect for you.


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Apple Fritter Breakfast Casserole

Alright, so this is technically called a casserole, but in all seriousness it’s really just apple crisp. You’re an adult though, and one of the great things about being an adult is you get to call this delicious dish a casserole and not feel guilty about eating it at 7 A.M.


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Easy Breakfast Casserole

Perhaps the simplest casserole on the planet, this dish only takes about five minutes to put together. Seriously! It should take you longer to preheat your oven than to prepare.


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Tomato Herb Mini Frittata

While this is technically a frittata and not a casserole, it’s just too good not to be included. With tomatoes, herbs, and a three-cheese Italian blend, this “casserole” will have you skipping lunch.


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Breakfast Enchiladas

The breakfast enchilada, otherwise known as the Spanish casserole, is a great dish that lets you freestyle with your toppings. Mix and match until you have the perfect creation.


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9. Sausage, Egg, and Veggie Casserole

This casserole will keep any vegetable enthusiast coming back for more.


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Biscuits and Gravy Casserole

For those who crave a more hearty morning meal, this biscuits and gravy casserole is for you. The biscuits have a way of soaking up the gravy that will make you tremble.


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Main Image Source: bettycrocker
Collage Source: 1. prevention 2. southernliving / Lee Harrelson 3. myrecipes / Antonio Achilleos




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