10 Eyes That Make You Rethink Contacts


Most people wear contact lenses in order to be able to see better. Other people, however, wear them as a fashion accessory. Whether you want to creep someone out with spooky eyeballs or want to make a fashion statement with sparkly eyes, then there are contact lenses on the market for you. There are also contact lenses that have a purpose, such as reducing glare on the road for cyclists or to be used as the future of augmented reality! These are the strangest contact lenses in the world.

Dior Eyes

Mulberry bag, check. Louboutin shoes, check. Christian Dior contact lenses, uh check? Those of you who are obsessed by following the latest fashions and owning the latest designer brands should really check out the Dior Eyes contact lenses. Created by the eccentric designer, John Galliano, who is renowned for creating unique pieces for Dior, these are a must-have for any fashionista. The chic contact lenses can be purchased in black or gold and are designed to encircle the eyes, to create a dramatic and statement look. Of course, there is also the distinctive CD logo on the iris too, so you can show off to your friends about how designer your contact lenses are. Even the case they come in is rather impressive and certainly beats whatever you held your lenses in before. They can be difficult to get hold of and will set you back at least $100, but looking good is worth every cent, right?


Sparkle Contact Lenses

If you want a fashionable look, but don’t really like the Dior Eyes, then how about some Sparkle contact lenses? Indian designer, Anthony Mallier, has come up with a unique way to add that sexy twinkle to your eyes; even if you didn’t get much sleep last night. Each of his Sparkle lenses are fused with tiny Swarovski crystals that will turn your tired and drab eyes into a pair of sparkly peepers. Our eyes have long been one of the first things people notice about us, so why not turn heads with yours? It’s no secret that Swarovski crystals can brighten up practically any fashion items, so it makes sense to have contact lenses with them in too. They were actually designed for the Crystal Vision competition hosted by Design Boom and Swarovski, so we’re not sure if you’ll actually be able to buy them online. Let us know if you find them, as we want some!!


Circuit Contacts

If technology is more your thing than fashion, then how about some contact lenses complete with electric circuits? Scientists have long been working on circuit boards that are so thin they can be placed onto your eye, with varying results. Back in 2008 researchers from the University of Washington managed to make circuit contact lenses that would create an augmented reality display. Then again in 2014 another group of scientists created a circuit board that was thin enough to be overlaid on a contact lense. This circuit board was seen as a major breakthrough in the search for medical devices that can be implanted into a body, or as a high tech eye computer. Although none of these contact lenses are actually available to wear yet, you can get some replicas. Circuit board contact lenses can be found for as little as $20 in stores that sell novelty and costume lenses.


Soccer Lenses

If you’re a massive sports fan then you will love the soccer contact lenses, which are always extremely popular during world cup games. These soccer ball lenses were made popular by a German optician named Stephanie Berndt and everyone flocked to grab a pair for the next world cup. You can either get a pair of soccer balls to fill your eyes with, or one soccer ball and one country flag. It depends how patriotic you’re feeling! Although the ones that Stephanie wore (one soccer ball, and one German flag) are quite pricey, you can get hold of a pair for $20-30. Ask your local costume store if they can order some in if you can’t find them, or have a look online instead. You could also buy a pair of soccer balls and a pair of country flags, to mix and match during the next world cup games.


Dragon Eye Contact Lenses

It isn’t uncommon for people to wear dragon, lizard or snake eye contact lenses. However, what is unique about these is that they cover the entire eye! Instead of the popular contact lenses that just cover the iris, these Dragon Eye contact lenses will cover your entire eye; so don’t give these a go if you aren’t used to contacts. The neon green around the outside is like dragon skin, with what looks like a bloodshot dragon eye in the middle. If you want to freak people out then you have to invest in a pair of these contact lenses. The only drawback is that they’re now nearly almost impossible to find, and they cost over $200! Perhaps it is better to stick to your usual dragon and reptile contact lenses instead. At least they won’t be as difficult to get into your entire eye, like these would be.


Accessories for Contact Lenses

Here’s another one for those who want to make a statement with their fashion choices. The tear drop jewelry is an accessory for your contact lenses that makes it look like you’re crying (kind of). A designer from the Netherlands, Eric Klarenbeek, has created a range of eye jewelry products in an effort to stand out from the crowd of other quirky designers. If the images are making your eyes water then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people were worried what would happen if the line, that is connected to the contacts and holding the jewelry, is pulled on. According to the designer, however, the worst that would happen is the line would break and you’d take out the contact lense as normal. Phew. Well, if you want to bling up your eyes (and don’t fancy the Sparkle) then these are probably the contact lenses for you.




Cat Eyes

No list of strange contact lenses is going to be complete with some of the most popular contact lenses in the world; the cat eyes. There are actually large groups of people who will wear cat eye contact lenses every day, whether it be for costume play or just because they fancy looking feline. In fact, many people actually see cat eye contact lenses to be quite sultry. The right cat eye contact lenses should be an amber or yellow color, to match the actual color of your cats eyes. Although you can get them in a wide range of colors if you fancy something different. As they’re so popular you can find them in pretty much any costume shop or online store. Dress them up with some feline eye makeup or just use them to make other people feel uneasy; trust us, everyone will double take when you wear cat eye contacts.



Hello Kitty Contacts

If you don’t want something as popular as cat eye contacts, but still want to show your appreciation of the feline world, then how about some Hello Kitty contacts? Mind you, with the latest news that Hello Kitty isn’t actually a cat (what?) these lenses may not be as feline as you had hoped. However, they do make for extremely cute Kawaii contact lenses and people will be begging to know where you got them from. You can get them in a whole range of colors at around $20-25 and they feature tiny Hello Kitty characters all the way around the iris. If you buy the official Hello Kitty contact lenses then they could set you back $100, so it is up to you how much you want to spend. These are definitely weird, but wonderful, and are perfect for those who like celebrating Japanese pop culture.


Nike MaxSight Contact Lenses

From the downright ridiculous to the downright useful. Nike have come up with a genius set of contact lenses that will help people improve their sports performance. These one-of-a-kind contact lenses can give added visual improvements for a range of different sports, depending on the color you chose. As an example, amber is used for basketball, tennis or soccer, whereas the gray-green lenses are perfect for golf and running. There are also the eerie red lenses which have been designed to reduce road glare from the sun; perfect for cyclists. If you’re a sporty person and want to look like some kind of superhero (or arch enemy) then get yourself some Nike MaxSight contact lenses. Nike also do a huge range of other eyewear options which are all designed to maximize your sports performance, although you will find they all come at a price. Head to the Nike Vision store to see what contact lenses or glasses could up your game.


Spooky Halloween Lenses

If you want to spook your friends next Halloween then you have to invest in some creepy contact lenses. Companies are thinking more and more outside of the box when it comes to Halloween contact lenses, so you’re bound to find something that gives your friends the fright of their life. The stranger the contact lenses, the better when it comes to Halloween frights. One of the most popular is just a blank white eye, especially as it makes you look as though you have no iris! You can also go down the ‘blood red’ look if you want something spectacularly spooky. Just because they are called Halloween contact lenses doesn’t mean you can’t wear them all year round either. Imagine scaring your neighbor with glow in the dark eyes, when you pop round to ask for a cup of sugar… The opportunities are endless with spooky Halloween contact lenses.





10 Eyes That Make You Rethink Contacts




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