10 Fun Water Play Activities For Kids



With winter just around the corner, we’re all dreaming about those summer months when it’s so hot you wish you lived on the bottom of the ocean like Spongebob Squarepants. If you have kids, that’s even more of a reason to cool off. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford our own Bikini Bottom condo, so here are 10 fun water activities that will keep both you and your little ones cool as sea cucumbers.

1. Kiddie Pool

So you don’t want to buy an actual pool, but want to cool off – enter the kiddie pool. Your toddlers will feel like they’re in a full-sized pool, and you’ll feel like you peed your pants, but they’ll love it and you’ll look hilarious.


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Water Balloons

Water balloons are a great way to blow off some steam on a hot day. They also give you an excellent opportunity to throw things at your children and get away with it.


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Water Wall

A backyard water wall is a great way to entertain your kids with gravity. Just arrange some regular household containers in plinko fashion, add a bucket of water and you’ve got hours of nonstop water fun. Oh to be young and easily entertained!


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Super Soaker Battle

Buy your kids super soakers, divide them into teams and show them how to make tactical decisions like advancing towards the enemy under cover of bucket. Crocs not recommended!

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Car Wash

Car a little dirty? Just give your kids a hose and some sponges and you’ve got yourself a clean vehicle and some entertained children.


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Slip ‘N Slide

Another great water activity is the classic Slip ‘N Slide. These are relatively cheap to purchase and take little time to set up.


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Jump Rope

If you ever want to cool off easily, just grab the garden hose! Jump rope and limbo are both thrilling for young ones.


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Crazy Sprinklers

Sprinklers can be a ton of fun, especially if you make your own. Using some pool noodles and a couple hoses, you can construct your own waterpark.


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Relay Race

If you have competitive kids you can pit them against each other in a relay race. To make it more challenging make them balance the buckets on their heads.

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Drip, Drip, Drench!

This game is just like duck, duck, goose, but uses a sponge instead. One child goes around the circle saying, “drip” each time and gently letting the water drip until finally squeezing the sponge on the child they select and saying, “drench.”




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