10 Kid-Friendly Snack Hacks


10 Kid-Friendly Snack Hacks



Feeding kids can be difficult. Not only are they picky, but they’re also constantly hungry. Sometimes, three meals a day just doesn’t cut it. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 kid-friendly snack hacks that will keep your kids full.

1. Drip-Free Popsicles

Popsicles are a great treat, but they can get very messy. This great recipe for drip-free popsicles uses JELL-O and makes sure your kids get every last drop.


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Yogurt is a great snack, but the tube kind can be very expensive and full of sugars. With this recipe and some Ziploc bags, you can create your own healthier yogurt snacks!


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3. Banana Dolphins

Fruit makes a good snack, but some kids just don’t roll that way. Make the idea of a fruit snack more appetizing by crafting some cool creations like this banana dolphin.


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Grilled Cheese Roll-Up

Grilled cheese is the mother of all childhood snacks, so what better way to reinvent it than in roll-up form? There is no better way.


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Magnetic Fridge Cups

Once kids hit a certain age, you start to notice more and more cups accumulating on your counter. To cut down on dishwork, simply attach a strong magnet to the back of your child’s cup.


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6. Breakfast Bar

Breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated. Just gather a collection of your child’s favorite cereals and lay them out in breakfast bar style. They help themselves and it’s less work for you.


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Ice Cream Cone Fruit

Yet another way to make fruit a more appetizing choice! If it’s in an ice cream cone…it must be delicious.


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Cookie Cutter Sandwiches

Kids love playing with their food – as long as it gets eaten there’s nothing wrong with that. To make sandwiches more fun, use a cookie cutter to make cool shapes.


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Apple Band

The apple has always been a quick and healthy snack. Unfortunately, it goes brown very quickly after being cut. Just slap a rubber band on after cutting to avoid any discoloration.

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 Snack Station

Creating a snack station in your fridge ensures that even if you’re too busy to make something, your kids will always have a place they can go to quickly grab a bite.


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