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10 Most Unique Cinemas And Theaters In The World

10 Most Unique Cinemas And Theaters In The World

10 Most Unique Cinemas And Theaters In The World.Like going to the movies? In this collection of pictures you will see some of the most unique theaters and cinemas worldwide. Salas, besides offering the best movies, have a special atmosphere where viewers can enjoy the cinema experience in a much more intense way.

Film history began on December 28, 1895, the day on which the Lumière brothers publicly projected the famous film in which the output of a French factory workers observed, the demolition of a wall as well as the arrival of a train and a boat from the port (the first film in history). We do not know how was the room where this film was screened, but certainly was not as original as those shown below.

1. Hot Tub Cinema, London


Newport Ultra Cibema, Newport


Teatro Dine-in, Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Theatre adapted, Russia



Electric Cinema, Notting Hill


Adapted Theatre in Paris

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Bijou Theatre, Bridgeport


Teatro Fox, Oakland



Teatro Orinda, California

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Teatro Grauman’s Chinese, Los Angeles

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