50-Year-Old Farmer Is Going Viral And It’s No Surprise Once You See His Hilarious Music Video


Sometimes, you just have to make your own fun. In a new viral video, one man sows us that tending a farm can be anything but boring. Jay Lavery has a farm in Sharon Springs, New York. He works as a goat farmer, and his farming duties can often get tedious. Jay says that during the winter, it is especially important to keep the mood light.

The 50-year-old farmer loves to make people laugh, and considers it one of his talents. He has been producing funny videos for friends on Facebook for a while now, but recently Jay made something extra hilarious to share with a broader audience. He produced a music video to Sia’s “Cheap Thrills” and it is nothing short of amazing. The video starts by showing Jay in his barn, sweeping the floor while goats look on. Then, little by little, the video progresses into a completely amazing routine. Sia didn’t allow the farmer to use her song, as it’s muted in the video, but you can still see Jay’s awesome dance moves.

Jay actually started dancing as a way to alleviate pain from a back injury he suffered 15 years ago. His dancing skills are truly top notch, and will make you want to get up and start dancing yourself. Watch Jays’s video to see why everyone loves his entertaining dance moves.




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