7 Hugely Profitable Stocks You Could Have Invested in for Less Than $1



Even great businesses go through bad times. And often when those bad times come, the market loses faith in the business and the stock price drops a huge amount.

However, the business may still be fundamentally sound, and have a promising future. So investing when things seem the worst, can produce an incredible return on investment.

In this article we show you seven strong businesses you could have invested in for less than $1 per share, and all of these businesses would have made you fantastic profits.

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Concur Technologies: From $0.31 to $128.78


After the dot com crash, things looked very bleak for Concur Technologies. The market had lost faith entirely, the company was nearing penny stock territory, and the stock price bottomed out at 31 cents.

But a lot can change in 10 years…

Since then the stock price has consistently marched upwards, and has (currently) peaked at $128.78.

That’s a 41,542% return on investment.

Or alternatively – it’s a 59.01% annual return on investment!

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General Growth Properties: From $0.45 to $27.28


After the credit crunch, things looked very bleak for General Growth Properties with the stock price bottoming out at 45 cents.

However, in just 5 years the stock price has rocketed to $27.28.

That’s a 6,062% total increase, or an annual return of 127.26%!

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True Religion Apparel: From $0.72 to $36.18


True Religion Apparel did not get off to a particularly good start. The stock price bounced around the $1 mark for the first couple of years, before finally starting to take off in 2005.

Interestingly, even though the credit crunch and subsequent recession did significantly impact the stock price by losing about 50% of its value, it never once went below $8.

To date, it’s peaked at $36.18, so if you’d invested at the start, you would have seen a 5,025% return on your money, or another way of putting that is your initial investment would have gone up by a huge 48% per year.

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Pier 1 Imports: From $0.21 to $23.19


The credit crunch was not kind to Pier 1 Imports. Before then, the stock had never been below a dollar, but in February 2009 the stock bottomed out at 21 cents. Things looked dangerously close to the stock losing all value.

However, just four years later the stock price would be at a near all time high of $23.19.

That’s a remarkable return on investment of 11,043%.

And that comes to a whopping annual return of 224.17%.

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American Axle & Manufacturing: From $0.40 to $22.26


The credit crunch certainly wasn’t kind to American Axle & Manufacturing either with the stock price crashing to 40 cents, when just a year earlier it had been trading at $22.19.

But, if you ignored the naysayers and dived in, just five years later you would have realized a gain of 5,565%, taking the price up to $22.26.

That’s an annual return of 123.41%.

The future’s certainly looking bright for this business that at one moment seemed as if it would go all the way to zero.

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BJ’s Restaurants: From $1 to $52.36


BJ’s Restaurants never made it below a dollar, so was never in real danger of becoming a penny stock, but for the first few year’s of its life bounced around the $1 to $2 range.

Since 2001, it’s slowly increased in value, but with a big drop in 2009 (like most other businesses).

2012 and 2014 have been particularly good to BJ’s Restaurants with the stock price touching, or even surpassing, the $50 mark.

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• 5,236% total return

• 30% compounded annual return from 1997 to 2012

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Quality Systems: From $0.46 to $48.50


The time to buy into Quality Systems was 1999 at 46 cents, and the time to sell was 2011 at $48.50.

That would have given you a 10,543% total return, or an annual return of 47%.

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