7-Year-Old Boy Tries To Enter A Clothing Store, But Stops. Then His Mother Reads The Sign And Realizes It’s Time To Leave


Should a child ever be banned from shopping with their parents? In North Dakota, this is a question many parents are asking after a 7-year-old kid was banned from entering the fargo clothing store.

According to KHOU, problems started when Plato’s Closet in Fargo posted the following sign outside of their establishment:

“Children under 7 years old are not allowed in the store. Thank you for understanding.”

Kalene Krebs was totally suprised when she saw the sign, although she had never seen it before.

“I’ve never heard of a store banning children. I was with a friend and my son, so I had my friend go into the store to ask why they didn’t allow children,” she revealed. “They said they’ve had some horror stories of children running around wildly, hiding in racks of clothes, etc.”

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Although Krebs said the store clerk told her friend that they would make an exception for her son as long as she held onto the boy at all times, the whole incident completely rubbed them the wrong way.

“We went in for a couple of minutes before we decided it was an absolutely ridiculous rule and left. I’m not going to support a business that doesn’t allow children in their doors and I’m sure many people would agree,” Krebs said.

The store’s owner, Dean Clark, and his wife have since responded to the backlash, claiming some children have behaved so badly in their store in the past that they have actually been forced to talk to law enforcement about it.

Plato’s Closet is a used clothing store, which has also made many parents wonder why children would be banned.

“I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t be allowed in a Plato’s Closet. What were they touching that was so precious? A used handbag?” one woman said.

While many parents were outraged over the ban, others suggested that another approach to the problem might be better for everyone.

“I get having the right to refuse service and not wanting children running around. As a parent I would be embarrassed if my child did that. However instead of punishing everyone who has a child under the age of 7, couldn’t they just ask those parents that had their kids running around to leave? Seems more logical and would ensure that they keep heir business. Now a decrease in revenue can be expected,” one woman wrote.

“We went everywhere with our Mom, but we also knew how to behave when we were out in public. If we did get at all rambunctious, “The look” from Mom was all it took to settle us down!” another added.



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