8 Cool Cleaning Uses for Vinegar




Remove Hard Water
Hard water is a nuisance to deal with and leaves behind stains that are hard to clean up; even the most heavy-duty cleaners do little to remove the affects of hard water build-up. Remarkably, vinegar is a fantastic way to get rid of hard water residue and leave items looking sparkling clean. All one needs to do is soak the affected area in vinegar and then gently scrub or wipe it away with a toothbrush or cloth.


Eliminate Tough Odors from Laundry
There’s nothing like a trip to the swimming pool to leave your laundry smelling like mold and mildew. Even after being washed, the smell can be hard to remove. By washing clothes in only hot water and a cup of vinegar, laundry will loose its stink and come out smelling clean and fresh. If the clothes still have a nasty odor, rewash them using hot water, a cup of vinegar, and a half-cup of baking soda.




Clean Cloudy Glassware
It’s a tough job trying to keep glass-ware looking shiny; too often, glasses come out of the dishwasher with streaks and spots. By pouring approximately one cup of vinegar into the bottom of the dishwasher, this problem is completely eliminated. Glassware comes out of the washer looking clean and streak-free!


No Streak Window Cleaning
Cleaning windows is a job that everyone hates; however, with a simple vinegar cleaning mixture, this job becomes a pleasure! All one needs to do is mix half-water and half-vinegar into a squirt bottle, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid, and then mix it together by shaking it. Spray the mixture directly onto the window, wipe it with a rag, and then buff with old newspaper.


Create a Bathroom Cleaning Wand
A cleaning solution of half-dishwashing liquid and half-vinegar is a great formula for removing nasty dirt and stains in the shower. A cheap Dish Wand is a fantastic way to apply the solution to the shower, and only takes a few minutes.


Keep Your Toothbrush Clean
Toothbrushes get nasty quick and are filled with bacteria just from sitting around in the bathroom. To get a toothbrush squeaky clean, soak it in vinegar for fifteen to thirty-minutes to remove dirt and germs.



Clean Dirty Window Blinds
Dirty window blinds can be cleaned quickly using an old sock, vinegar, and water. All one needs to do is mix half-vinegar and half-water into a bowl, then dip the sock into the mixture. Once the sock is damp, it can be put onto the hand like a glove, and wiped across the blinds.



Easily Clean Your Tub
Tubs can get nasty really quick! Rather than scrubbing your tub, just squirt a mixture of one-part vinegar and one-part water onto the surface, and leave it to soak for an hour. Once the time is up, rub your tub with a rag and all the dirt and grim will wipe away.





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