8 Exciting Experiences



CN Tower Edge Walk
The Canadian National Tower in Toronto offers the world’s highest full-circle, hands-free walk. Hands-free? That’s right. Visitors use an overhead tether system for safety while they walk around the edge of the tower almost 1200 feet above the ground. Now that’s an experience for the truly daring.



Sky Diving
Sky diving seems like an obvious choice for an exciting experience, but it’s obvious for a reason: What could possibly be more thrilling than jumping out of an airplane that’s flying at an altitude of up to 18,000 feet? Don’t worry; parachutes and experienced trainers will keep you safe, and you’ll leave with an experience that is unforgettable.



Scuba Diving
If great heights aren’t what you’re looking for, consider going under sea level instead. Our world looks completely different from a hundred feet under water, so you’ll get the exhilaration of a totally new look at your surroundings. Add in some colorful flora and fauna, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for excitement.



On the more soothing side of the excitement spectrum, we’ve got kayaking. It’s a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature while using your body in a new way. What’s more, you can do it practically anywhere that there’s water, from scenic rivers winding through wooded mountains all the way to the sparkling ocean, where it’s just you and the wide-open sky.



White Water Rafting
For a more heart-pounding water adventure, consider white water rafting. There’s beautiful scenery all around, but you’ll only be interested in admiring it during the still parts of the ride. Once you get to the rough parts, the only thing on your mind will be riding those rapids.



Hot Air Balloon Ride
If airplanes seem a little tame to you, why not consider a novel yet ancient way of experiencing the sky: Hot air balloons. It’s a great activity for couples or even whole families. You’ll get the opportunity to see the landscape in a whole new way while you enjoy the sensation of riding those wind currents through the air.



Hang Gliding
It might be the lowest-tech way to ride the wind, but it’s also one of the most exciting. With a mechanism consisting of just a flap of cloth and a thin wire frame, it’s the most direct way we have to experience flying. Imagine the thrill of knowing that the only thing controlling that flap of cloth is you. Now that’s a memory you’ll want to bring back to earth.



Horseback Riding
Horseback riding is an entirely different kind of excitement. The joy of forging a real partnership between yourself and a member of an entirely different species is unforgettable. Add in high speeds, challenging terrain, and beautiful scenery, and you’ve got an experience you’ll never forget.







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