8 Signs You Are Ready for Marriage



When you are coupled up with a special someone and hit a certain mark in the relationship, you may begin to fantasize about that next step. But it is easy to get so caught up with the idea of marriage and the big day that you can forget to check in with yourself and do some quality introspection. Are you really ready for that long-term, forever-and-ever commitment? Here are 8 telltale signs.

1. You Share Similar Goals
Do you want to travel the world or buy a house, have children or not. Having similar goals will save one of you from being upset. If you are going to settle down and get married it is better to do so with someone who is more or less on the same page as you to avoid disappointment down the road.


2. You Don’t Want to Change That Person
Although minor changes can be made to accommodate a relationship in the most part you can’t change a person and if you are going to marry them you shouldn’t want to. Of course there will always be minor annoyances in any relationship but be sure that you can make peace with them before tying the knot.



3. You Share a Strong Connection
Couples need to have a strong connection in order to make it through the long haul. Couples with a strong bond often have more fun together and remain interested in each other’s lives. Are you curious about what their thoughts feelings and fears are? Can you talk about pretty much anything? If so you probably have a good base to keeping and maintaining a strong relationship.


4. You Want to Get Married for the Right Reasons
Make sure you aren’t getting married just because all your friends are and it just seems like the right thing to do. It can be discouraging when all your friends are hitched and you feel like the only single one left. Remember getting married shouldn’t be about the wedding party but about the life and future that will happen after.


5. Friends and Family Support the Relationship
At the end of the day it is your decision who you marry but choosing someone that your friends and family like can mean a lot. Of course you will never please everyone with who you pick but if everyone seems to think it is a bad idea than they are probably on to something.


6. You Think about How Your Decisions Will Affect Them
Thinking about how your decisions will affect the other person is a big deal. Considering a new job or a career change can have a big impact on a relationship. If you just make choices based on what you want it probably won’t work out. If instead you take into consideration how your choices impact the other person it shows you care about how the other person feels and what impact it may have on them.



7. You’ve Survived Tough Times Together
Life isn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows. It is important to know that as a couple you can get through some rough patches together. There will be many unpleasant days after marriage when you are exhausted, chasing after screaming kids, and dealing with finances. If you know ahead of time you can get through an unpleasant fight than you will be better prepared for the challenges of marriage.


8. You’re a Good Team
Life is going to present a bunch of ups and downs so it is important to choose someone who is willing to stand alongside you. That person needs to be a good teammate. Having someone who is there for you day in and day out for better or for worse is as good as it gets.



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