8 Unsolved Mysteries of the World



Cicada 3301
Cicada 3301 is the name given to an unknown group that burst forth on the internet early in 2012. They allegedly posted an image that held a secret message that urged those interested to find it. This message spurred would be solvers to collaborate all across the globe. As of yet no information on the groups has been found. Those who have claimed to get to the end of the tests have not been forthcoming with any information on the group.
Taos Hum
The Taos hum came to fame in the 1990’s a group of residents in the New Mexico town began to report a low-frequency hum. While the hum was named after the town of Taos, other places around the world have reported hearing similar noises in the past. As early as the 1950’s there were reports of a humming or buzzing sound in several small towns in England. Results of tests have been inconclusive as to the source of the sound.
Hessdalen Light
The Hessdalen lights, consisting of small balls or arcs of light, in Norway grew to fame in the 1980’s as they became an almost nightly occurrence. However, the lights popularity has fallen as the frequency of the phenomenon dropped. The phenomenon continues, but as for what is causing the sudden and unexpected nighttime illuminations, no one knows.
Wow! Signal
The Wow signal is the name given to an extremely powerful narrow-band radio signal detected by SETI in 1977. The signal only appeared once and has yet to be detected a second time. The name comes from when the lead scientist wrote the word “Wow” followed by and exclamation point next the signals on a computer printout.
Aluminium Wedge of Aiud
The Aluminum Wedge of Aiud is an object supposedly found 2 kilometers to the east of the town of Aiud in Romania. Reportedly found in 1974 near the Mures River, those who claim to have found it said that it was buried under 35 feet of sand. Strangely the wedge-shaped object is supposedly made up of 12 different elements, and it considered something of anomaly as tests show that it may be older than the discovery of aluminum itself.
Green Children of Woolpit
The legend of the two green children of Woolpit comes from 12th century England. According to reports, the brother and sister looked normal except for their green skin. They eventually lost their green skin color and learned English. According to the surviving girl, she and her brother were from an underground area called St Martin’s Land.
The Pollock Twins
In 1957, sisters Joanna and Jacqueline Pollock died and a tragic car accident in Northumberland, England. The next year, the mother of the sisters became pregnant again and had twins by the name of Jennifer and Gillian. Both girls claimed to have knowledge that only the older deceased girls would have. The also reportedly asked for toys they had never seen that belonged to their older sisters. Some have claimed the younger twins are reincarnations of their older sisters.
Max Headroom Broadcast Signal Intrusion
On the evening of November 22, 1987, two television signals from stations in Chicago were hijacked in what became known as the Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion. The hijacker, dressed as television character Max Headroom, was able to interrupt television stations within three hours. While no audio could be heard on the first intrusion, on the second the man dressed up could be heard to mutter all kinds of apparently nonsensical and unconnected phrases. No one involved has been found.



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