A Father Can’t Figure Out Why His Toddler Is Always Sick. Then He Cracks Open His Sippy Cup..


My friend wondered why her son was still sick so he broke the anti-leak of her son’s sippie cup to discover the mold on the inside of the anti-leak. You can not wash it and you don’t see each other unless we break it. Several moms on other groups have also discovered mold following my post so I ask you keep sharing.  Please those who have these cups pay particular attention, he washed his by hand and in the dishwasher etc and the mold is still there anyway! Share!

After having received several message of parents who have opened up the anti-leak of the cup of their children, it is important to do something, – thank you! Share in large numbers!

see the original post here – https://www.facebook.com/pennyass/posts/10153838748026422



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