A man grabbed her butt – now the photo of her brilliant revenge is going viral on the internet


Women become victims of sexual harassment quite too often at nightclubs, parties and events. This type of behavior is not acceptable and no woman should be touched, bothered or harassed under any circumstances.

Many men who partake in this kinda behavior sometimes get away with it and its not right. Many women feel shamed or embarrass to report these kind of situations but 32-year-old Krystal Olsen from Arizona is not one of them.

When she was grabbed by a guy at a nightclub recently, she decided to get some sweet revenge!

When Krystal felt a stranger’s hand on her butt, she was pissed off. But instead of moving away from the guy, she turned around and grabbed his hand.

She dragged him to the exit, where the bouncers were waiting. On the way, the guy tried to free himself and pushed Krystal against a wall – but Krystal is strong and wasn’t about to let him get away.

© Twitter/Knockout

When they reached the street, Krystal called the police and told them what had happened. And she also made sure to take the guy’s picture, which she later posted on Twitter.

Above the picture, she wrote: “This guy grabbed my a**. I dragged him out in a chokehold, he slammed me into a wall. And is crying like a b*tch when he got arrested.”

© Twitter/Knockout

The photo made a quite an impression on Twitter, where it has received more than 350,000 likes and has been shared more than 80,000 times. The vast majority of people cheered Krystal’s actions, but some people say she went too far, and someone even wrote that Krystal is guilty of assault.

I think her reaction was perfect. That guy will probably think twice before touching another woman. Please share if you also think Krystal did the right thing!



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