All Women Should Read This “Future Husband Checklist”, Very Touching


I came downstairs, tired and grumpy as I always am in the morning. I approached my kitchen counter for my first stop. As I began the routine of making the kids breakfast, packing lunches and making my coffee, I glanced down at his note.

I blushed. I smiled. I sighed.

Cassidy came beside me and saw the note as I held it to my heart.

“He never forgets, does he mom?”

A man who takes time to feed your heart and honor your dreams. A man who nurtures your weaknesses and carries your burdens. A man who tells you over and over again that you’re beautiful. A man that sees beyond your flaws and embraces your quirks. A man who puts your needs first and his second. A man who praises your efforts and accepts your failings. A man who holds you when you crumble and raises you when you desperately need the lift. A man who forgives your mistakes and remembers your gifts. A man who listens to your thoughts and cherishes your perspective. A man who realizes your potential and admires your purpose. A man who trusts you with his vulnerabilities and realizes his insecurities. A man of honesty and strength and integrity who can lead his family with faith and perseverance. A man of deep abiding passion for all he holds dear. A man that never gives up or lets go, because sometimes life gets hard. A man who realizes his worth and values yours. A man who sacrifices much so that you can have plenty. A man who loves you as you are and celebrates as you grow. A man who is committed and dedicated to loving you.

Oh, precious daughter. Don’t settle for anything less.



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