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Are You Biten By Mosquitoes More Than Others? If So Here Is What You Need To Know…

Have you ever noticed that you’re especially popular with the mosquitoes? Maybe they’re swarming you but leaving your friends un-bitten?

Mosquitoes spit out a glob of saliva on your skin which numbs your senses in that area, allowing them to insert their blood sucking straw and feed of you.
Many people believe that they are more susceptible to mosquito bites, and they are probably right!

Certain foods, drinks, and activities cause your skin to have different types of bacteria on the surface, which can attract or repel the bugs.

Staphylococcus and Variovorax are two types of bacteria that live on your skin that attract pests. On the other hand, Pseudomonas, Delftia, Leptotrichia, and Actinobacteria are bacteria that actually repel mosquitos!

While you can’t change your blood type, the fact remains that people with type O blood are most likely to get bitten followed by those with B then A.

Our carbon dioxide emissions also attract mosquitos. Those that breathe heavier will more likely get bitten by mosquitos. The insects are attracted to the release of carbon dioxide since it means there is a warm-bodied host nearby.
If you drink beer outside, sweat a lot, or have a raised body temperature, your oil and bacterial complexion on the skin makes you more susceptible to getting bitten.