Bride’s About To Make Her Entrance, Until Flower Girl Has Guests Crying With Laughter


It was almost time for the bride to make her grand entrance, but the flower girl beat her to it in a hilarious way. The flower girl was perfectly dolled up in a tiny white gown, holding her flower basket full of petals. All eyes were on her the second she stepped foot down the aisle. It was a dreamy sight for all of the guests to see this angelic little girl walking all by herself, but something abrupt took place which changed the whole atmosphere of the wedding. For whatever reason, this precious girl got in her mind to cause an unforgettable scene.

Instead of polite smiles remaining on the faces of the wedding guests, there was now full-out tears of laughter rolling down their faces. They couldn’t help it. The flower girl did something so shocking that there was no other reaction more appropriate than to just laugh about it. For a child, being a part of the wedding means something so much different than it does in the minds of the bride and groom at times, but it’s funny how that can end up leading to some of the most treasured memories.

When one of the guests pulled out the camera to record the flower girl’s turn down the aisle, no one could have guessed the golden moment which would be caught to look back on for countless good laughs. She is doing her best to locate the groom, AJ, and keeps yelling out his name until she can find him – creating a hysterical memory for everyone!



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