Burn A Bay Leaf In Your House. The Reason? You’ll Want To Try THIS Trick Right After Reading This!


Most of us are so busy on a day to day basis we forget to take a few minutes for ourselves.  We are continually rushing through our life and we never stop and think about the consequences that it can have on our health. It is so important that we take some time out of each day to just relax, even if it is just a few minutes.

Recent research has shown that both men and women today are less happy than they have been over the past 40 years. There are many theories about why, but lack of time taken for yourself can be a major reason.  The lack of time to yourself can cause you to build up resentments that can harm you and your relationships. When you spend all your time filling other people’s cups, it’s likely yours will run empty. Sometimes, especially when we’re tired, we may become angry about giving so much.

We have to spare a moment or two during day to sit back and just do nothing, we all deserve that sometimes. You think you have to go to the spa to get the full relax mode on, we have a way you can bring the spa experience to your home with just the help of an herb. Bay Leaf! It is really all that you need and we are going to show you how.

This cheap, frequent herb, native to the Mediterranean, may help you relieve the stress and the tension in not more than 5 minutes!

The stress-relieving properties of Bay leaf were first discovered by one Russian scientist called Gennady Malakhov and since then it has been widely used in aromatherapy. You have probably used it, fresh or dried, for cooking, because they give a distinctive smell and flavor, yet you didn’t know it also has medicinal use for several skin and respiratory conditions. Now we are going to show you how you can use them for anti-tension and relaxation. Bigger stress levels can lead to long-term health problems and that is the reason why you need to find a way to stay relaxed and calmed.

Here is what you should do:

Burn a dry bay leaf in an ashtray, then leave the room for around 10 minutes and then come back. You will notice how a positive energy flow is present in the room and the atmosphere has changed, and you are going feel the relaxing and soothing smoke in the air. Sit back on the sofa and relax, taking deep breaths and allowing the aroma to calm your soul and body. Enjoy your own at-home spa experience.



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