Company Uses 3D Printers To Allow Blind People To Touch Old Photographs



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Two companies, Lola and Pirate3D, teamed up to make some pretty creative use of 3D printers. Calling the project Touchable Memories, the team is using 3D printing in an original way: making three-dimensional versions of old photographs and other two-dimensional keepsakes to help blind people relive memories.

The project involves five people from around the world: Gabor, Mario, Meritxell, Yassine, and Daniela.




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According to the website:

“Touchable Memories is a social experiment where we give technology an innovative application, testing it in an unexplored field and achieving incredible results, making people aware of the endless possibilities of using technology to make our lives better.

Because wonderful things can be achieved when technology is for all of us.”

A family photograph rendered in 3D.


via Pirate3D | 3ders


via Pirate3D | fubiz

They recreated everything from scenes from movies, to old family photographs, to an album cover by one of the participants who is a musician (seen below).


via Pirate3D | Bored Panda

One of the participants reacts to feeling an old photograph.


via Pirate3D | 3ders

This documentary reveals the possibilites.


Main Image Source: Pirate3D | Bored Panda



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