Cops Find Baby In A Ditch On Side Of Road. They Find Mom Who Is Responsible, Make Her Pay


A small boy was found lying in a ditch in Rockland County, Maine this past April, covered in pink nail polish. The passerby that found the child notified the police, and when they arrived on scene, began to question the boy.

The child was not able to tell them how he came to be in the ditch and said the last thing he remembered was watching a cartoon, ‘Scooby Doo’, at home.

The police then began a search of the area and found a house with an open door and cartoons playing on the television in the living room. Upon entering the premises, they found twenty seven year old Mandy Dennison passed out in her bedroom with prescription drugs that did not belong to her.

According to WABI news, police took her into custody and arrested her, but she was able to make bail and get released.

When law enforcement returned to her home the next day to check on her, they again found her in possession of stolen prescription drugs.

Her son, the three year old boy, was placed in the custody of her mother when she was arrested for the second day in a row.

Dennison has been charged with criminal possession, child endangerment, and violating the terms of her release, according to WABI.

She pleaded not guilty at an arraignment on June 20, and will go to trial this year.

Authorities believe that her son had gotten into her makeup and spilled the nail polish on himself, before wandering outside during her period of unconsciousness.

Not surprisingly, many people have taken to the internet and social media to express their views on this case, saying things like:

“I’d be happy to adopt him and give him a very loving and stable home. Right now that baby has no chance!”- Connie Fix

“Just a white trash junky. No kids until she goes to rehab & stays clean for at least a year.”- Daniel Wheelan

“What in the world is wrong with parents nowadays. If you want to be a parent then take responsibility for who you bring into the world.”- John C. Hawkins

“I have never been in this situation. Do I agree she should lose her child permanently? No. Do I feel she should lose her child temporarily? Yes. She should be given the chance to clean up and straighten up. Sometimes it takes this for parents to realize their mistakes. Yes parents should step up immediately but sometimes they don’t think they have a problem. Most addicts don’t think their addiction is real until is almost too late. After given the chance if she doesn’t straighten up then do what’s in the child’s best interest which would be to remove the child from the situation.”- Amanda Gregory

“She should lose custody of her kids until she’s clean and sober. If she can’t get clean and sober her parental rights should be terminated so he can have a safe and stable home.”- Amy Mack

“She can’t stay off drugs. This little boy needs a family to care for him, not a passed out mother in the other room, who might someday seek help. He needs an upbringing with love and nourishment of the soul and the body.”- Nancy Bowman

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