Couple Sentenced To Life In Prison Can’t Stop Smiling, Finally Offers Explanation Why


A couple, who killed a sex offender and his wife in cold blood, smiled and kissed when the judge sentenced them each to two consecutive life sentences.

31-year-old Jeremy Lee Moody and 37-year-old Christine Moody refused to deny their responsibility for the murders of Marvin Parker, 59, and his wife Gretchen Dawn Parker, 51. On the contrary, the Moodys seemed proud of their actions – although they never admitted it in open court.

They admitted they targeted Parker for one reason and one reason only, because he was a pedophile. His wife died simply because she was a “casualty of war”.

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When they first appeared in court, the Moodys acted repentant and asked for a 30-year sentence. But when they showed their true colors, they received the maximum sentenced the Union County, North Carolina courtroom had power to hand down on the homicidal couple.

At one point, Jeremy Mood was being ushered out of the court. As the bailiff escorted him out, Moody turned to Parker’s family and shouted, “See you perverts later. That’s what child molesters get.”

When the judge heard this outburst, he had no qualms about sending this man and his wife to prison for life. If they ever got out, they would clearly commit murder again.

When a reporter approached the murderous white supremacist, he said: “They got exactly what they deserve. Had to do it over again, I’d kill more.”

His wife agreed to everything her husband said. She was glad to kill Parker and his wife.

“I think Jeremy and I would have done it again if given the opportunity,” Christine Moody said to reporters. “I have no regrets. Killing that pedophile was the best day of my life.”

The Moodys murdered the Parkers in July 2013. To get close enough to kill, they pretended to be having car trouble outside of the Parker residence and then held the Parkers hostage at gunpoint, Union County Sheriff David Taylor reported.

After ordering the Parkers to beg for their lives, Jeremy Moody shot them both. He made sure that his victims knew that he was killing them because Marvin Parker was a register sex offender. Christine Moody slit Dawn Parker’s throat for good measure.

Because Parker’s surveillance footage caught Jeremy Moody’s “skinhead” tattoo, the police knew exactly who to track down.

The Moodys are proud white supremacists. But they do not openly affiliate to any group although reports indicate they have connections with Crew 41, a white supremacist group that has a history of killing sex offenders.

The defendants’ attorney claimed both Moodys were sexually abused during their childhood. They also said that Jeremy Moody is medicated for schizophrenia and that on the day of the brutal killing he was not on medicine. Meanwhile, Cristine Moody has cancer and a host of personality and stress disorders.

“He was on his medicine today and look what he had to say,” said prosecutor Kevin Brackett at the trial.

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