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Dad Wakes To Up Daughter Begging For His Help, Fires Multiple Shots When He Sees Shadow Near Pool Table

A Family was peacefully sleeping in their California home when a father suddenly heard his young daughter crying out for his help. He immediately jumped out of bed and barely made it saw something next to his pool table and sprung into action with serious force.

Family’s home in Ontario, California; Jose Andres Alfaro Chavez (inset)

Art Corrall’s house was totally quiet and everyone was at peace up to like 12am. His family was in their respected beds, including his wife, son, his daughter, and a 5-month-old baby, KTLA reported. Corrall is a husband and father that is serious about protecting his family so he makes sure the house is locked up tight before going to bed each night, so when his daughter first heard strange noises coming from inside the house, she knew something wasn’t right.

She immediately cried out for her father’s help and once this father heard her precious voice in need, he grabbed his gun to see what was going on. As he went to investigate, he took only a few steps towards his daughter’s room when he look over at his pool table and discovered Jose Andres Alfaro Chavez on the floor, hiding in the dark.

Corrall fired three shots at the suspected intruder, who broke his way into the home. Corall immediately called police after unleashing the deadly shots into Chavez. The alleged burglar survive the shots, for now at least and he was taken to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery. His current condition is not certain, but Chavez had previously been warned.

Elizabeth Martin, who is Corrall’s neighbor in their Ontario suburb, told ABC 7 that Chavez was a known street prowler as well as house burglar. He was told if he continues his criminal actions that one day he will surely be shot. Karma was on duty that day, as Corrall was the guy to do it.

He wasn’t taking any chances when he saw him, stating he was just using his right to bear arms to protect his family and property. However, some don’t see it that way.

“What would have happened if I didn’t? We would have had a big ol’ pillow fight?” the brave dad said about shooting the stranger who crept into his house uninvited. “I’m a hardworking guy. Me and my wife work for what we got here, and our kids and stuff. I just believe that if we don’t have rights to bear arms, how else am I going to defend my family?”

Corrall said he didn’t know if the accused intruder was on drugs, was armed, or would try to harm his daughters and wife. He wanted to protect them, and as the saying goes, “Better safe than sorry”. Chavez already broke the law and he knew the risk of what could happen to him engaging in his actions, when he entered into a family’s home with bad intentions. Now, Corrall could potentially face charges, but as of now, no arrests have been made, including of Chavez.

This father did exactly what he should have, giving this guy what he had coming. Chavez was lucky he had made it in and out of so many houses before without being shot. He had gotten away with it so many times before, so he continued to victimize people. Now, if he makes it out of the hospital, he’ll think twice before breaking into a house where he has no business being.

Thanks to this protective father, no one in his family was hurt that night, and he got to keep all of his belongings that he worked so hard to acquire.

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