Dad Went Out To Celebrate A Successful Life-Saving Transplant. He Had No Clue Who Was Sitting Right Next To Him


When Bruce Becke was diagnosed with cancer, he wasn’t sure if he was going to make it. He needed a bone marrow transplant, and although the doctors said he should beat cancer if he got it, he had his doubts. What if a donor did not come in? What if it didn’t work? Fears plagued the father from East Leroy, Michigan and kept him up at night when he should have been getting his doctor-ordered rest.

Ultimately, his fears were for naught. Becke got matched with an eligible donor. The man was in his twenties and living in Maryland, but that didn’t stop the doctors. They got to work right away and collected the donation of bone marrow.

As it turned out, the donor was a great person. He happily endured the uncomfortable procedure so he could save Becke’s life. Although they were strangers, the man knew he was doing good work.

For two years, Becke recovered and grew stronger. The doctors were happy to tell him that the bone marrow transplant was a success. When the second anniversary of the transplant rolled along, Becke’s family took him to a restaurant where they treated him a cake to celebrate.

But that was not the only surprise they had waiting for the kind father.

At the table next to Becke, a woman and her son sat. Becke, excited to be alive, struck up a conversation with them. During the conversation, Becke told them why they were in the restaurant today. He and his family were celebrating the second anniversary of when he got the stem-cell transplant that saved his life.

Becke then started talking about the “Kid in Baltimore, Maryland” who gave the donation. Becke admitted the “he’s the only reason I’m here today.”

Then the woman told Becke a secret of her own. She and her son were from Baltimore. They had traveled halfway across the country to Michigan for a special reason.

Then the young man who was with his mother leaned forward. He unzipped his hooded sweatshirt and removed his baseball cap. And then he showed his face to Bruce Becke who was at a loss for words.

The young man was the same man who had donated his stem cells to save Becke’s life two years before. It was the surprise of a lifetime for Becke who appreciated every moment of life now that he had faced death.

Since the video went viral, lots of people have started signing up to be bone marrow transplants. Becke couldn’t be happier to know that he has helped inspire people to give generously.

“There’s no words you can put into it,” Becke said about how the video made such a positive impact.

As for his angel donor, Becke said, “He’s a shy kid. He doesn’t think he’s done nothing, but he’s a hero.”

Although the hero doesn’t know he is one, Becke won’t let him forget it.

“For him to go do that and give me life, there’s nothing you can say or do,” Becke says.



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