Doctor yells for Dad to come quick. When Dad sees the baby, his mouth falls open


A Reddit user posted a picture of something startling recently—the umbilical cord of his child tied in a tight-looking knot. The user, azathothfrog, wrote that the doctor told him to hurry up and take a picture shortly after delivery because his baby was a miracle. The umbilical cord is a crucial lifeline between baby and mother. According to Parents, it contains arteries and a vein that transport nutrients and oxygen from a mother to her baby. If a baby’s umbilical cord is tied in a tight knot, it can impede a child’s development and even lead to death of the baby. 

Parents reports that when babies are in the womb, they move around quite a bit. Sometimes a baby’s movements while in the womb cause their umbilical cords to tangle or knot. Usually, the knots are pretty loose, so no harm is done to the baby. Sometimes, however, the knot is tight.  That’s when trouble can occur. What to Expect says that babies who are large for their gestational age are more prone to true knots. 

Parents recommends periodically counting how active your baby is. If you notice less than eight movements an hour for multiple hours or your baby’s movements have dramatically decreased you should call your doctor. If your doctor tells you to come in, he or she will likely do an ultrasound and a non-stress test to see what’s going on with your baby.

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