Doctors Warn HFM Disease Is On The Rise, Spreading Quickly. What They Say You Need To Know


No matter how hard doctors and scientists try to keep ahead of diseases, new ones keep popping up ravaging the population. Now a new disease, which affects children, is spreading across America like a wildfire. Since children are the victims of this horrendous and disturbing disease, every parent needs to know how to prevent it, what it is, and where it is.

Right now Florida has the most cases of the hand, foot and mouth disease. But your state could be next and if you don’t follow the following steps, your child could be spending time in the doctor’s office or hospital.

Learn more about this new epidemic and what you need to do to stop it!

One mother thought her boy just had a fever. But when it evolved into something much worse, she broke out crying to learn that her boy had contracted the latest fad disease in America. Now this Tampa Bay mother is on a mission to warn other parents about this disgusting disease and the simple measures they can encourage their children to take to avoid it.

Even before the fever, this Florida mother noticed her boy being abnormally irritable and flinching when he had a drink. Things became even worse when one of her 18-month twins’ skin flushed and his fever spiked.

Soon after that symptom arrived, the boy began to develop painful and ugly blisters on his hands and feet. It hurt him to walk and to hold things – his life was in danger.

After feeling overwhelmed from her boy’s condition, the mother, Joanna rushed her boy to the doctor’s office. There the pediatrician diagnosed the toddler with an excruciating and preventable viral infection called Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease.

Children under five and infants are most susceptible to HFM. This contagious disease is usually transmitted in crowded places and thrives in daycares and public restrooms.

Joanna’s son was in the high-risk group.

The Mother, Joanna wrote: “…as far as the variety of illnesses our family has had the pleasure to experience over the last six years with kids, I would have to say that HFM has been the worst… dare I say, biblical.”

HFM resembles measles and causes a nasty breakout of red sores on the hands, feet, and mouth – hence its name.

Warning signs include unusual irritability in children. Parents must be on the lookout for non-itchy red skin rash on the child’s palms and soles of the feet.

You can take preventative measures to help protect your children from contracting HFM.

Encourage them to wash their hands often – especially after visiting a crowded space or daycare. Prevent them for sharing food, drinks, and toys with other children. If you suspect your child has HFM, ask if they have any of these 5 HFM symptoms:

-loss of appetite
-blistering rashes on their hands, feet, mouth
-sore throat

In the ABC Actions News report below, you’ll learn more about HFM disease and how to help protect your children from it.

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