During A Walk His Dog Picks Up A Ball Of Mud, Then His Owner Realizes It’s Starting To Walk


Hedgehogs are like an unofficial national symbol for the United kingdom. And why not? They are about the cutest things in England, right?

Well we just found a heartwarming story about a little hedgehog that got rolled by a curious dog, and his amazing rescue by an animal hospital. You are going to love this story when you read it.

The Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital in Chichester, England recently shared a story about the trials and tribulations of one plucky little hedgehog.

They posted pictures of the animal along with its story, to their Facebook page. At first it is hard to tell what you are looking at, but then the caption explains, saying:

“Yes… you were all right!! It’s a little hedgehog who was rolled around in clay by a dog. He was barely recognizable when he came in but we could see he was just about breathing (goodness knows how). We have got the worst of the clay off but will leave him quietly over night now and clean off some more in the morning as he became a little cold and VERY angry. For now he is tucked up with some food feeling very sorry for himself.”

They also said he was recovering nicely. Asha Park, a staffer at the hospital, spoke with a local paper, The Crawley Observer, and said “After having a couple of washes and a once over he his now doing well and will hopefully continue to make a full recovery.”

Later, the Hospital posted an updated photograph of the hedgehog, along with an improved prognosis, saying:

“An update on our little clay hedgehog. After lots of patience and perseverance he is looking MUCH brighter this morning. He is much more mobile and a lot happier. He is now bedded down quietly after his ordeal (both from the dog and from us cleaning him) with a nice big bowl of food.”

People have been taking to social media to express their love for the little guy, saying things like:

“So glad the hedgehog is ok.”- Lynn Sobcziak

“Phew. Lucky they found him.”- Michelle Dudden

“Oh what! Clay??? Ahhh…jeez he’s lucky to be alive…he must be feeling awful poor hoggie…thank goodness he’s safe with you guys.”- Ingrid Colden

“Our terrier used to have a go at hedgehogs and once one had the spines pushed into the soft soil so far it couldn’t move. I looked out of the window in the morning and his little legs were waving about. Then after unsticking him with a garden fork, I took him to our vet, very carefully, in a box with a towel over him and the vet cleaned him up and let him go in his own garden. I don’t know what his family thought when he didn’t come home.”- Jennifer Barraclough

“Dear little soul and what suffering he’s endured. Do hope he’s restored to his former glory and feeling better – bless him.”- Maureen Howland

“Poor little fella. Hope he feels brighter in the morning and maybe less ‘prickly!’”- Sonja Knight

“Poor little one but luckily he’s safe now .. in this situation, i guess, i would feel sorry for myself too.”- Jen Nufa

“Well done in cleaning him up he is a lucky one and in the best hands now!”- Jeannette Burnes

How great is it that they were able to save this little fella? Have you ever had a pet hedgehog? Share your stories with us here.



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