Ellen’s 1st Gift For Mom Of Quads Had Everyone In Laughter, But Her 2nd Put Mom In Tears


Having one 2-year old child is hard – having four is unimaginable. But for Ashley Gardner and her husband, life with quadruplets is their hectic daily reality! Even though there’s no other way she’d rather go through life, Ashley could use a break every now and then. However, with four little ones constantly by her side, “mommy time” is hard to come by!

That’s why Ashley hid herself away in the kitchen pantry for a moment to scarf down a Twizzler in peace one snowy afternoon in Utah. Realizing the ridiculousness of her situation, Ashley whipped out her phone to record her feelings – and boy, were they hilarious. On camera the comical mom says, “Dad’s out shoveling the driveway, Mom desperately needed a treat to get through the rest of the night.. so I’m hiding in a pantry. Eating a treat. Is that wrong?” It’s far from wrong, Ashley!

Ellen saw Ashley’s silly video and knew she had to have her on the show right away! So, after accepting Ellen’s invitation, Ashley walked on the set, ready to dish the dirty details about living with quadruplets! She’s more resilient than most of us ever dream to be!


Source: YouTube



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