Every Time He Gets A New Car He Immediately Places Two Pieces Of Duct Tape On His Seat


While owning a car can be a hassle (paying insurance, making repairs, filling up on gas, defogging your headlights), you do gain the freedom of being able to go anywhere you please, any time you want. Public transportation commuters might not have to worry about navigating traffic, but they do lack that freedom.

If you’re one of the millions of people in America who spends a good chunk of time in your vehicle, the following 7 car life hacks will help make your time spent in the vehicle even better. Check out how you can do this now from Crazy Russian Hacker!

Not only is having a disorganized car bad form, it just gets messier and messier unless you do something. Fix this problem with your cup holders first. Remove all the junk then line the bottoms with cupcake liners. If you ever need to clean it out again it will be easy. Just pinch the paper and pull it out.

Do you share your car with someone else? Maybe they’re a different height than you? Here’s a hack to make sure you get the same seat adjustment every time. Place a strip of duct tape on the car door and on the seat to know exactly where you need to line your seat up for its next use.

Next time you pick up a pizza, try this trick. While it will usually slant down at an angle when riding in the passenger seat (which is terrible for the toppings), grab some water bottles or a 2-liter soda bottle. Place it on the passenger seat and prop the pizza up with it. No more slanted toppings.

When you go grocery shopping, grab a laundry basket. Just load all your grocery bags into the laundry basket so it is easy to take everything in to the house. Instead of taking a few bags at a time, you’ll only need to take one or two trips.

When you’re renting a car or borrowing one, this hack will tell you which side the gas tank is on. Look at the gas gauge. You’ll see an arrow pointing to either the left or right. That’s the side you need to drive up to the gas nozzle.

If you struggle to figure out how far you need to drive your car into the garage, try this. Hand a rope from the rafters and attach a tennis ball to it. Make sure it lines up to where your car is going to be. Next time you will know exactly where to stop.

Did you know you can increase the range on your key fob? Just hold it underneath your chin and it should give it an extra boost. Watch the video at the 5:30-mark to watch how this car life hack works.

When you use these car life hacks, you’ll be able to enjoy driving even more and save yourself time on the annoying parts of owning a car.

Will you use these tips? Do you find them useful?

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