Having a dog is an irreplaceable source of companionship. Anyone who has ever had a dog for a pet knows great it is to have a loving four-legged creature around. While we all trust our dogs to supply us with endless amounts of love, maybe we can count on them to save our lives as well!

That’s definitely the case for little Molly DeLuca, anyway. Her German Shepherd, Haus went above and beyond the expectations for a canine companion when he saw that Molly was in danger.

For the past two years, Molly and Haus have been an inseparable duo. One day while Molly was outside playing, Haus proved his devotion to his tiny owner in the most stunning way.

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The 68 pound dog put his own life on the line to protect Molly’s. While outside in her own backyard, Molly noticed Haus acting strangely. He was jumping back and forth, and “holding his ground”. Suddenly, the family noticed blood on the ground, and saw Haus begin to limp and cry.

Upon taking Haus to Blue Pearl Animal Hospital, the doctors found three rattlesnake bites in Haus’ leg. He had been defending the young girl from a deadly attack.
“He made a choice, and he was standing up,” Molly’s mother says. “And I know, based on his temperament, he was standing up for my daughter.”

Haus refused to let the snake come anywhere near Molly, and he is now on a steady drip of antivenom, which vets hope will help him recover.

Haus’ family is worried about him, of course, but they are also so happy that Molly wasn’t harmed. Her mother reflects on how much worse things could have been if Haus hadn’t been so loyal. “I feel really grateful for the dog. It’s frightening to think it could have been my daughter. I don’t know if she would have made it.”

The bites, however, are severe, and the DeLuca family is worried that Haus won’t be able to come home. “I feel like I owe it to him to keep trying to save him.” Molly’s mom says.

Haus is in 24/7 intensive care, where vets say his condition is touch and go. His family will do everything they can to help the German Shepherd pull through, and are staying by his side while he receives treatment.

While you can’t help but worry for Haus, it is incredible to think of what the young dog did to protect a little girl. This just goes to show that a dog can sometimes be so much more than a pet, they can be a hero.



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