Dad Began Playing The Guitar. What These 19-Month-Olds Do Next Had Me Smiling From Ear To Ear


The connection between twins is undeniable, as they spend a lot of their waking hours together doing the same things. In this case, these twins love to dance along to their dad playing the guitar and they’ve won people over with the cute factor. Maybe it’s the pure joy they exhibit as they spin and bop or maybe it’s because they seem to be daddy’s biggest fans?

At any rate, watching the two girls bust a move has warmed everyone’s heart who has laid eyes on the video.

Their dad explained in the video’s description: “This is a video of our identical twin girls still dancing to daddy’s guitar at 19 months. It is simply amazing how they create their own dance moves! The song I am playing is an original, which I composed just for them.”

Cute overload!

The video begins with the girls, wearing matching outfits and hairstyles, standing by while dad strums. It doesn’t take much for them to be off and dancing, first beginning with a little warm-up of rocking side to side.

One of the girls gives a rather graceful turn while the other continues to rock and then she spins and spins with her sister gently bopping up and down in the background before moving she begins moving her arms along to the beat.

The spinning girl finally gets a bit dizzy and drops to the ground, while her sister takes over with rocking out, even looking like she could be drumming along. Then, the dizziness at bay, she’s back on her feet and spinning once more, while her sister now gets some hip wiggles in before traveling after her sister.

Now the second one is off and spinning, with a joyous “ha ha” as she circles around. Finally the two check each other out and show off more adorable sisterly dance moves.

Dad plays the final bit of the song and the girls are an amazing audience, clapping for their dad’s performance and likely giving themselves a hand for their dancing as well.

At the end, dad asks, “you guys want to do it again?” You can bet another dance session followed!

These twins have been seen in action on YouTube before, with a video of them at 11 months old, seated in high chairs at mealtime when dad busts out a tune. As soon as the first strum is heard, the girls look at each other and smile big. Then they rock enthusiastically from side to side and burble along to the song, pausing to look at each other to share a laugh.

Among the many people who weighed in with comments on the dancing twins was one commenter who noted: “You gotta love the internet and digital media. They’ll be able to watch this as adults and see how the toddler versions of themselves were exactly. Myself only has still photographs, and stories from my parents. Not even old video from a camcorder of me as a kid. It’d be amazing to see actual video of myself as a child laughing and dancing around during times my brain can never recollect as an adult. Adorable kids!”



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