Filmmakers Laugh As Terrified Dog Is Forced To Film Water Scene For ‘A Dog’s Purpose’


Filmmakers were caught on video laughing as a terrified German Shepherd was forced to film a scene for the upcoming family film A Dog’s Purpose.

While shooting in Winnipeg, Canada last November, the poor dog was forced into a pool of rushing water. It is incredibly clear that the animal is in distress, but the filmmakers go ahead with the scene. The man behind the camera laughs as the dog struggles and attempts to excuse the shepherd’s discomfort by saying “don’t worry, it’s warm water at least.”

“Look, he wants to go in,” the filmmaker says trying to convince himself or those around him that the clearly frightened dog is somehow comfortable with this situation. The German Shepherd scrambles to escape and is lifted and lowered by his collar until finally released into the rushing water.

The water proves to be far too powerful and the dog is quickly pushed below the surface after slamming into one of the blue barriers. Swimmers on set try to reach the dog as the camera shuts off.

The film A Dog’s Purpose starring Dennis Quaid and Josh Gad is a family film about a dog who lives multiple lives through reincarnation and eventually finds his first owner. It opens in theaters on January 26, 2017.

See the trailer for the film below. Would you go see this film after learning how it was made?

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