Flower girl is too shy and scared to walk down the aisle, so Dad helps her in hilarious fashion


Being a flower girl can be very intimidating, especially when you are just a small, little girl. The cute, sweet flower girl in the video below was all ready to walk down the aisle behind the bride. She had her frilly, yellow dress on, and Mom helped curl her hair beautifully. With the flower basket in her hand, she stepped in to the church, but then she froze.

A case of stage-fright and nerves crept in, and suddenly, this cute girl was too scared to walk down the aisle down herself. But watch who comes in to save the day. Dad walks up to her and tries his best to convince her to muster up all the courage she can and walk down. He then gently grabs her and demonstrates what she needed to do.

When all this fails, Dad thinks fast and decided to just do the job himself. He picks up the girl and starts throwing petals down on the aisle, thereby becoming the flower girl himself. The crowd roared with laughter as this was a special moment they would never forget.

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