Get Some Glitter And A Sharpie For This Beautiful Christmas DIY Decor Look


During this Holiday season, you don’t have to spend big buck on Christmas decorations. During this time, you probably spent most of your money on everything else that comes with Christmas like gifts, treats, etc.

If you are low on funds after taking care of other Christmas responsibilities, this festive DIY is just for you. Check out these Christmas mason jar decorations because they are easy to make, low cost, and will look amazing! They have a subtle affect, but they bring just the right amount of festive cheer into your space.

In order to make them, you simply need is a mason jar, a scissor or razor blade, a Sharpie, modge podge, glitter and acrylic paint. You can find a template here and watch the video below to see how the whole process is done!

If you’re not a big fan of the glitter, there is an alternate way to achieve this effect by cutting out the template, gluing it to the jar and painting it black. Stick a tea light in your mason jar and you’ll have some lovely Christmas ambiance for almost no cost at all!

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DIY Holiday Candle Jars


Mason jar

Scissor or razor blade


Modge podge


Acrylic paint



Print out the online template. Once you have it on paper, fold the paper down so only the design is showing. Use a scissor or razor to cut off the folded extra paper.

Once you’re left with just the design, roll it into a circle and put it inside your jar.

Use a Sharpie to trace the design onto the outside of the glass.

Apply modge podge inside each outlined object (the trees and the church, if you use the templates provided.)

Sprinkle glitter onto the wet modge podge, turning the glass over so the excess will come off.

If you don’t like glitter, simply cut out the template design and glue it to the outside of the jar. Paint the white designs black for an extra cool affect.

Finish off either design by dipping a bunch of toothpicks in some white paint. Dab the toothpicks over the design, on the bare glass on the jar, to create the look of snow.

Put a tealight inside to make the jar glow beautifully.



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