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Here’s The Viral Video From A Target Parking Lot Everyone On Facebook Has Been Sharing

Most successful companies have good personalized branding in place, which makes them well known and remembered. Sometimes it’s certain colors or logos, and other times it’s a specific phrase that captures the attention of shoppers. Target is well known for its bold colors and it’s target-symbol logo, but recently, one of the store’s marketing tools has caused a bit of an uproar.

It’s safe to say that most people have been to a Target store, as the chain is well-known across the U.S. And anyone who has been to the store can’t help but see the iconic red balls that are lined up outside of the store’s entrance.

Recently, one of those balls caused some major damage when a truck driver bumped into it, making the massive ball roll into a moving car. Surveillance cameras caught the incident on film as a pickup truck rolled up on the curb bumping one of the balls. The purpose of the balls is to stop vehicles from crashing into the main entrance doors, but evidently, the pickup truck was moving fast enough that it knocked the 2-ton object loose.

In the video, you can see the ball as it rolls directly into the side of Eileen Grady’s Nissan Rogue while it is in motion. Grady purchased the vehicle only a year before and the damage has been assessed at $3,500.

“All of sudden I hear this crash and a really loud noise,” Grady said.

The video captures the moment as the ball is rolling toward Grady’s car. Another driver and his dog, jump out of the car and try to stop it. Then two other men join him and roll the ball back to the entrance of the store. A Target employee places a cone by the ball to block it off, but a young child is seen climbing on it. It obviously wasn’t monitored and blocked off enough.

Grady feels that Target should be responsible for covered the damage to her car, but so far, Target is refusing.

“Target’s insurance company, Sedgwick, has denied my claim for compensation because they claim they have no responsibility in this incident,” Grady said.”Well, first off, Target owns the big red balls, so they have insurance in the event anything happens involving them. Secondly, they are there to prevent vehicles from driving into the doors of the store & are supposed to be immobile as a security measure.”

Police have been on the hunt for the driver of the pickup truck who originally bumped into the ball, causing the incident to begin with, but they haven’t had any luck deciphering the license plate number from the video. Apparently, one employee recognized the man, as he had recently made a credit card purchase, but they aren’t telling Grady if they made a proper identification on the man through his credit card information.

Target officials are standing strong with their refusal to pay for the damage caused by their big red ball, but Grady has said that she will be filing against Target in small claims court.