Iconic Group U2 Began Singing On Kimmel, Audience’s Jaws Drop As The Song Turns Into A Tribute To God And US


Famous band U2’s single went to the top of the charts 30 years ago, and it sounds just as good as it ever has today. When this band was invited to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live, we got a sneak peak into what they’ve been most passionate in life. Opening up about their love for America and all its beauty, they put their single into perspective before taking it away on stage. They recall their inspiration for The Joshua Tree album that was written over 30 years ago very clearly, and not only that, but their stunning photographs that went with it.

They confessed to Kimmel, “We love this country and we love the landscape. It’s not just the physical landscape. It’s the psychological landscape. It’s the spiritual landscape.” Everything seemed normal when one of their favorite photos appeared on the screen behind them, but then they did something very surprising. Pushing Kimmel off his own show, they made way for the beauty of the landscape to be seen nice and clear and then proceeded with one of their top hits.

The stage was then set up in a matter of seconds as they pulled out their instruments for a surprise performance of “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. The audience was eager to join in, “He will lift you higher and higher.” These Irishmen sounded phenomenal singing praise to God in this beautiful song. Watch their incredible performance in the video below.




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