If You Do Not Have Half Moon Shape On Your Nails, Immediately Visit a Doctor!


Did you know that your nails can tell quite a lot about your health? If not, you will be surprised what the lunula can signal. The lunula is actually the white half-moon on the nail root, and when translated into Latin its name means ‘little moon’, which was also referred to as the half-moon.

What Should the Fingernail Lunula Look Like?

The color of the lunula is white because of the fact that the fifth basal layer of the epidermis is concealing underneath the blood cells. Normally, the lunula is about one-fifth of the nail and this little half-moon is most visible on the thumb. Namely, the whiter the lunula is the better health the person has.

Several factors can affect the development of this half-moon white fingernail mark, including nutrition, environment, and physical condition. Namely, when there is disrupted and poor absorption and digestion function, the lunula fades, minimizes, and eventually, disappears.

Missing or Reduced Lunula and Health

The lunula is quite sensitive and any change in its size can be an indicator of some health condition. If the lunula reduces or disappears, it usually means that the person might be suffering from some disease.

Here’s what a reduced or missing lunula can indicate:

1. If the lunula is missing from the thumb it can indicate to some psychological disease.

2. Reduced or missing lunula on the index finger is a common signal that the person suffers from some intestines issues.

3. Blood pressure issues are possible if the person does not have a lunula on the middle finger.

4. If the lunula on the ring finger is missing or significantly reduced it usually indicates to a thyroid gland issues.

5. Last but not least, if there is no lunula on the little finger, it points to some issue regarding intestines, pancreas, liver, and only for women, reproductive system issues.

Therefore, if you notice any changes in your lunula color or size, immediately seek medical attention because you are likely to suffer from some health condition.



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