Immediate Action Is Being Taken After Widely Sold Baby Product Is Proven To Be Dangerous


As every parent knows, baby wipes are necessity if you want your child to be clean and cared for. But now doctors are exposing the hidden dangers of these common toiletry products and how they could be causing detrimental damage your child’s health and well-being.

Not only are baby wipes useful for diaper messes, but they can help clean a child’s filthy face or if they make a mess of something – even on their toys.

But if you’ve assumed that baby wipes are safe to use on children, think again. More advanced research has recently come to light that exposes the hidden dangers behind baby wipes that their manufacturers don’t want you to know. And these common products might not be good on your child’s skin. Learn why…

These products contain one vital ingredient that has the potential to cause worrisome damage to your little one. A study has come to light, as reported by NBC News, that shows this ingredient, common in almost all baby wipes, causes some children to develop a scaly, itchy, and red rash on their skin.

The official study, which was co-authored by Dr. Mary Wu Chang from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, tested many children and found six reactions that were noteworthy and troublesome.

When using baby wipes, one 8-year-old developed the severe rash on her buttocks as well as on her mouth. Because of the location of the rash, Dr. Chang quickly narrowed down the cause of the problem to the baby wipes the girl’s mother favored.

This incident reminded Dr. Change about another report, this time from a Belgian man, who reported a severe chemical reaction from a preservative, methylisothiazolinone, that is used in the same baby wipes the little child had used.

The 8-year-old was officially tested for an allergy to that chemical and the test came back positive. Dr. Change told the girl’s mother to change baby wipes brands and as if by a miracle, her severe rash went away.

Dr. Chang continued to work with parents whose children suffered from similar reactions to baby wipes. But she’s not the only professional warning parents against the hidden dangers of baby wipes.

Dermatologists, Dr. Ellen Frankel, advise parents to beware of baby wipes saying, “I always tell parents take caution using baby wipes. They have a lot of chemicals in there, and can irritate skin that’s already damaged sitting in urine, or feces, or sitting in a diaper that’s just got an inclusive surface on it.”

How do you know if the baby wipes you are using has the harmful chemical agent? Check the side of the package and look for the ingredients list.

If your baby wipes or wet wipes have the chemical additive methylisothiazolinone listed, stop using that brand immediately. Switch to a safer product that doesn’t cause terrible skin rashes.

Huggies and Cottonelle have been found to use this harmful ingredient. And they’re trying to remove it from their products before customers switch to safer products.

Watch this video to learn more about the hidden danger of baby wipes!



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