Kids Is Shocked When He Explain To Drill Sergeant Why He Misbehaves


A sergeant appeared on a television show with the intention of scaring a boy straight, but he ended up forming a unique bond and having a special moment with him instead (video below).

In the clip, which was pulled from an episode of the Jenny Jones show and recently went viral, the troubled young boy can be seen standing on stage as Drill Sergeant Raymond Moses approaches him.

As Moses aggressively confronts the child about his behavior, the boy stands there without saying a word or looking the least bit intimidated. Moses then gets in the boy’s face and begins to threaten him with discipline.

“You’re not an adult until you’re 18,” he says while putting his finger in the boy’s face. “Do you want me to be your daddy for the next eight years son? Huh?!”

“Yes, sir,” the boy responds. Stunned, Moses asks him why he said yes.

“I have no daddy,” the child replies. Moses then becomes emotional and the two embrace in a hug. The clip ends with Moses escorting him off the set and to his boot camp.

Until 2013, Moses ran a boot camp called About Face, which helped troubled teens straighten out.

“They cry when they arrive, and then they cry again when its time to go back home,” Moses previously said of the camp.

The clip quickly went viral, garnering over 19 million views on YouTube. Many viewers praised Moses for showing compassion regardless of the boy’s behavior.

“The beauty of this video even if it was an act and scripted there are wonderful people who want to see the good in real situations similar like this with a happy ending. I like to tell these wonderful people never stop wanting happy endings for people, for people like you have the ability to make such miracles come true with your compassion for humanity,” one viewer commented on Little Things.

“Wow. This little clip really hits you right in the heart. He is an example of so many boys today who have no dads, and the pain they go through because of it,” another commented on YouTube.

Sources: Patrick/YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via Patrick/YouTube



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