Little Girl Got In A White Car On Her Way Home All Because The Stranger Said These Six Chilling Words..


Did you know about 800,000 children go missing each year in the United States alone. That means every day 2,000 kids go missing.  It is crucial we educate ourselves and our children about this to keep them safe.  73% of these child abductions involve a suspect driving a vehicle.

Here are 9 safety tips you should share with your kids:

1. Avoid getting in a car with someone you don’t know.
2. Stay away from any car or person driving who asks you a question.
3. Be aware that a dangerous person can be male or female.
4. Kick, scream and draw as much attention if someone physically touches you.
5. Learn to say no, firmly.
6. Walk to and from school with other kids.
7. Make sure your house key remains hidden.
8. Always pay attention to your surroundings.
9. Trust your instincts.

Check out the video below to learn more and see an example scenario of how predators lure children into their car.



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