Mall Shoppers Stop What They Were Doing When This Young Man Challenges The Statue To A Dance Off


Dance-offs are usually the stuff of movies, but once in a while, a real-life dance duel breaks out. This example happened to break out at a mall and involved a teenager… and a very unlikely competitor. YouTuber Noster, aka Noah Kenaley, faced off with a human statue. If you’re unfamiliar with the human statue concept, it’s an art form in which a person commits to impersonating a statue.

The patrons at this shopping mall were in for a treat when Noster and one of The Millennium Robots decided to throw down and see who was the better dancer.

Noster uploaded the video to YouTube in which he and The Millenium Robot member Eclypse begin dancing to a Skrillex remix. Noster steps back and the challenge is underway, as the teen mimicks the human statue’s robotic performance.

Things take off from there as a crowd gathers to watch.

The two start slowly but build on their moves as the dance-off progresses. After the statue has shaken off his creaky moves, he breaks out in perfect rhythm to the beat. Eclypse, despite being robotic, can move so fast and smoothly, all while atop his platform – it’s remarkable, really.

But who won the battle? Both of the YouTubers turned out to be big winners in the viral video game, as millions have viewed this video and both Noster and The Millennium Robots’s channels have even more dance battle videos.

In another video, Noster and Eclypse dance to another Skirllex remix in a busy shopping area. Again, viewers were won over by the dubstep dance battle.

Other videos on Millenium Robot’s channel include a dance routine to a song by DJ Snake and Lil Jon, which features two statues in a dance off against each other in front of a movie theater.

There are also tons of other dance battle videos out there, such as a 10-minute compilation called “Craziest Dance Battle Rounds of 2K18.”

If you’re looking to catch one of these battles in person, one will be coming to Phoenix, Arizona at the World Hip Hop Dance Competition held in August 2019.

Among the many comments left on this dance-battle video were those who believed that Noster did a good job, but the human statue bested him.

One person commented: “Dude, you have skills but you got schooled. Keep at it though. Dance for the love just like I do. It’s the best way.”

Other comments included: “Eclypse won! He had way more control and was only able to dance in one place” and “both were good, but silver man killed him standing in one spot.”

Noster hopped on to the comments to shared: “for everyone who is just seeing the video and commenting on how we both did please go look at both our channels because both me and Eclypse have improved greatly! Also check out our performances together!”

Another commenter believed that Eclypse was tough competition, but offered this encouragement: “Noster, keep working kid you’re awesome but eEclypse’s level of moves is serious business, keep working at it man.”



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