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Mom Asks Dog To Smile For The Camera. His Recorded Response Has Everyone Hysterical

We’ve seen dogs that can jump through hoops, roll over and fetch – but this pup’s cool trick is unlike anything we’ve seen in the past! As soon as his parents tell him to smile, he opens his mouth and flashes a hilarious grin that has the Internet rolling on the floor with laughter! Thank goodness Mom thought to record the whole thing and share it online for the world to see…


According to the I Heart Dogs website, a dog’s smile can mean several things. While this dog’s smile is clearly a fun trick his owners taught him, a smile like that can normally be attributed to submission. A submissive smile is when a dog wants to please the hierarchy of the family – whether that’s another canine or human master. This type of grin occurs when a dog lifts its upper lip to show clenched teeth. The other type of “grin” can represent an aggressive dog. An aggressive smile is when a dog lifts up its lip to show snarling teeth, much like a submissive grin. However, the aggressive smile is often accompanied by a growl and slightly opened mouth to allow the dog to bite quickly if provoked further.


Even though Mom knows a smile could mean aggressiveness, she’s confident that her sweet pooch is just showing off his latest trick! Sure enough, the dog flashes a big smile until Mom tells him it’s time to relax! This is such a neat trick and she can’t wait to show her loved ones in person! Take a peek at this adorable pup’s big smile for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. He sure is one smart canine!

Source: YouTube