Mom Lays Her Twins Down – Seconds Later It’s A Moment She Will Never Forget


A baby’s first photoshoot is always an important rite of passage – but the excitement is doubled when twins are involved! Two times the love, giggles, smiles, outfit changes and poses means twice the amount of cuteness! That’s exactly what you get to see in this heartwarming behind-the-scenes footage.

Ian and Tara’s parents are ready to introduce their adorable newborn babies to the world, and they do so with the help of a talented photographer named Ana Brandt! Not only does Ana pose the infant brother and sister in ways that will melt your heart, but she also records the entire photographic process! That way we can all see the work it takes to get such gorgeous images!

This super cute video will show you the photo shoot from start to finish, as well as a handful of final images of Ian and Tara that are bound to make your heart swoon! Ian and Tara’s parents will definitely want to hold onto these pictures forever!

Source: YouTube



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