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Mom Viciously Murders Her 4-Year-Old Son For Dropping An Egg. But The Story Gets Even Worse When They Realize Who His Dad Is

Days after a New York mother was accused of brutally murdering her 4-year-old son because he dropped an egg, the media has learned something disturbing about the boy’s father. Read on for the full story!

Photo Copyright © 2017 ABC 7 New York

It’s always heartbreaking when we hear stories where a mother—the one person in the world who is supposed to put her children above all else—hurts her own kids.

For many, imagining that a mother could actually put her children in harm’s way seems absolutely impossible.

Sadly, it happens all the time. Sometimes a mother can’t take the pressure any longer and just snaps.

At least, that is the only explanation that makes sense in this horrific story about a mother who brutally murdered her own little boy.

On Wednesday, a 4-year-old boy was found dead in his family’s apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

As Eyewitness News has learned, the mother of that little boy, named Zamair Coombs, has been arrested on murder charges.

According to ABC 7 New York, Zamair was in cardiac arrest for eight excruciatingly long minutes after paramedics found him on Wednesday.

Authorities say Zamair was soon revived after going into cardiac arrest, but he sadly died just four hours later.

According to several reports, when doctors examined Zamair, they found that he had bruises all over his body, but none of them seemed to be recent.

The medical examiner has since ruled Zamair’s cause of death as homicide, and he reportedly died of multiple blunt impact injuries.

Child welfare authorities have declined to comment on this devastating case, but sources familiar with the case have revealed that Zarah Coombs was investigated less than two years ago.

Investigators have not said why Coombs was looked into in the first place, nor have they revealed what action, if any, was taken against Coombs after the investigation.

According to WABC, Coombs has admitted to authorities that she beat her little boy with a broomstick handle and left him to die in a makeshift plastic bathtub filled with water in their basement.

So, why did Coombs viciously beat her son in such a disturbing manner? According to News 12 Brooklyn, he accidentally dropped a single egg.

Family members, including the little boy’s grieving uncle, say they were initially misled as to how Zamair died.

“From what I was told from one of the family members, last night he was being bathed there were some loose towels in the bathroom, and he slipped on a towel, then he hit his head on the toilet, then he hit his head on the floor. At that time the mother did call 911 immediately,” the boy’s uncle, Michael Thomas, told ABC7 New York.

Coombs later told investigators that she had been feeling “overwhelmed” trying to care for all three of her children at the time.

According to ABC 7 New York, the family had been living in a disgusting rat-infested basement apartment on Riverdale Avenue in Brownsville.

Zamair was found submerged in the tub of water by his 26-year-old stepfather, according to reports.

In a disturbing twist, the New York Daily News has just revealed that Zamair’s biological father is Bahsid McLean, a South Bronx psychopath who killed and decapitated his mother back in February 2013.

“Ain’t this crazy?” said Cassandra McLean-Smith, the aunt of murderer Bahsid McLean. “A child kills his mother, and then a mother kills her child. Ridiculous. What are we coming to?”

At the time of the horrific beheading, McLean was reportedly married to a woman named Vera McLean.

According to McLean’s sister, Porche Lovett, after the unimaginable case made headlines in 2013, Vera McLean changed her name to Zarah Coombs.

Reports say that Zamair was just three months old when his father decapitated the baby boy’s grandmother with a 2-foot Black & Decker electrical saw.

McClean and his wife reportedly met in a group home, and McLean-Smith says the entire family had a bad feeling about the wedding from the start.

“We weren’t against her, we were against Bahsid,” said McLean-Smith. “My nephew was no good. He was a bully, he didn’t work, he lived off his mother. We couldn’t understand what she saw in him.”

While McLean is now serving 25 years to life behind bars for killing his mother, the rest of his family is devastated by the loss of Zamair.

“I cried this morning,” said McLean-Smith. “I did a lot of crying. How do you beat a child that bad? How do you beat a child to death with a broom? What made you so angry? He’s 4 years old.”