Pictures That Prove Siblings Are The Best Worst Things To Happen To You



I was raised the middle child between two boys and let me tell you…it was awesome! I wreaked havoc whenever I could on those two poor little souls and they could never really get mad at me because I was such a cute little girl and obviously mom would take my side. But I was as evil as evil could get in such a small, adorable little package. In fact, I was so evil (nerds and puzzle lovers, you may want to sit down for this), that my older brother, who was eight at the time, was almost done completing a 1,000-piece puzzle when three-year-old me decided that his happiness would end on that day…and I destroyed it. I don’t think he’s actually forgiven me since.

These pictures of adorably funny siblings will remind you how much you hate to love your brothers and sisters. These are the reasons why your siblings are the best worst things to happen to you:

1. They always used you as the guinea pig for new adventures and concoctions, but it taught you not to fear the unknown.



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2. They live to make you crap yourself, but you’ll probably never be afraid of anything ever again.


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3. They only want the best for you. Really.



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4. They love to show how much they adore you in family photos, but it makes for a great memory, don’t you think?


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5. They keep you humble…and/or in tears.

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via Cheezburger

6. They try to kill you whenever they can, but not actually…it keeps you on your toes.


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7. They make fun of your “cool” selfies so you don’t end up with an ego bigger than your head..


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8. They were always a lot weirder than you are, so that should make you feel better.


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9. They don’t let you do bad things alone.


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10. They’re the first to show you how cruel the world can be.



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