Recent Study Reveals That Husbands Stress Women Out Twice As Much As Children


The concept of ‘wedded bliss’ may be just a concept.

While it is often a common joke among wedded couples that the wife is always angry with her husband, studies have shown that this stereotype is actually true.

Studies have shown that husbands stress their wives out far more than looking after small children does. It is an age-old joke that the wife has a certain amount of children, and the husband makes one more.

Today reported on the study of over 7,000 women which found that an average mother rates her stress level as 8.5 out of 10, a shockingly high figure.

Some of the main reasons for this high level of stress included not having enough time in the day to do jobs around the house that they feel they need to complete to run a successful household. 3 out of 4 mothers said they they do the lion’s share of the household tasks, and that their husbands don’t or barely help at all.

The results showed sadly that one in every five wives said that the fact that their husband does not help around the house is a major source of stress.

In these modern times with social media opposing unrealistic goals on the average person, the pressures of showing that you have a ‘perfect’ life can be extremely overwhelming.

Women are well adept at playing the social media game, and they are skilled at portraying a vision of a perfect life which almost certainly doesn’t happen behind closed doors. It is this societal pressure which make wives and mother feel like they have failed in some way if their house and life is not picture perfect all the time.

Researchers at the University of Padova found that this can can interesting health implications down the line.

They found that when a wife passes away, the husbands health often deteriorates, but when the husband in a couple dies, the wife’s health gets markedly better, due to the unequal stresses each partner tends to put upon the other over the course of the relationship.

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