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Residents Of Texas Sickened When They See What’s Inches From Fallen Cop’s Casket

Hundreds in Pearland, Texas came to mourn the loss of one of their finest, who brutally lost his life in the line of duty. With not a dry eye in the place, they honored a brave man, taken from his family far too soon. Unfortunately, as photos from the heartbreaking funeral were posted online, viewers were left sick at what they noticed just inches from the casket.

A rookie cop, Officer Endy Ekpanya, was killed in a collision with a female who is believed to have been driving while highly intoxicated. His service to his community came to a sudden and tragic end, all because of one person’s sickening decisions. Although the suspect lived to see another day, Endy did not, and he leaves behind a wife and toddler son, who will not be able to grow up knowing his dad because of this selfish woman.

Officer Endy Ekpanya and his funeral

The Chronicle was at Grace Community Church on Tuesday for the officer’s service, snapping pictures to honor him and his service to the community. The shots captured perhaps what was the most heart-wrenching moment at the funeral, showing the reality of the sacrifice officers make to serve and protect when Endy’s son crawled up to his daddy’s casket.

Endy’s widow, Lucy Lugo, was holding their young son, Julian, when he broke free from his mom’s arms and crawled to his father’s casket. With tears in his eyes, Julian cried for his father to come back. He just wanted his dad to hold him once again, protect him, put him to bed, and be there when he wakes up.

Heartbreaking shots of Julian and Lucy Lugo at the officer’s funeral

Sobbing uncontrollably, Lucy got up to retrieve her fatherless little boy from the front before falling to her knees with Julian in her arms. Comments flooded in from around the country from upset viewers, angry at the drunk driver who robbed this child of a lifetime with his father and left a mother to raise their son on her own.

Photo from scene where Endy was killed (left), 38-year-old Amber Willemsen accused of DUI in collision that killed cop (right)

“Dear drunk drivers, look at what your selfish stupidity has caused,” one person wrote in response to the post. “Not like you care. Hopefully, one day the law will punish you severely.”

Little Julian and all of the other children who have buried their parents, lost in the line of duty, shouldn’t have to suffer because a stranger wanted one more drink before driving or because a thug targeted a police officer. While all of these criminals go on living, the kids of these brave men and women do so with an irreplaceable piece missing from their lives, stolen from them by selfish criminals.