She Forgets To Install This In Her Home, Almost Costs Young Daughter Her Life


Amber heard someone banging frantically on her door. When she found out what had happened, she was mortified. Find out how she’s warning other parents to avoid the same fate!

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One mother from Garden City almost lost her three-year-old daughter Aubrey due to a frightening mistake.

After putting her daughter down for a nap, the mother was alerted to her tiny daughter severely injured in their driveway.

The cause? Little Aubrey had fallen out of her two story window, landing on the driveway where she was found by a concerned neighbor. Amber Boone, Aubrey’s mother, is now sharing the terrifying story to insure other parents don’t face the same fate.

Doctors report that window-related injuries are far more common amongst children than you may expect- about 15,000 cases a year! Aubrey’s frightening fall caused her a fractured skull, lacerated spleen, and a severely swollen bowel. She spent 4 days in the hospital recovering, but her skull injuries will take about four to six months to fully heal.

While Aubrey’s fall was ruled an accident, Amber wants parents everywhere to know the crucial importance of window safety when it comes to their children. While her home at almost every other safety measure imaginable for infants and toddlers, window security was the one she overlooked. Installing secure screen bars and locks on windows will help prevent a situation like Aubrey’s.

If you have young children at home, be sure to keep your windows safe from tiny hands!



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