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Simple Hacks To Help Rid Your Home Of Pests

Spider, mice and flies, oh my! Your house can easily find itself home to some unwanted guests. If you have even the smallest of holes from the outside world into your house, then chances are that some critter is going to find its way in a make itself comfortable. We, on the other hand, are not pleased about sharing our space with the creepy crawlies and furry rodents of the world. So, here are 12 simple hacks to have up your sleeve to help you rid your house of unwanted guests and to keep it that way.

1. Use a paper towel tube and peanut butter to catch mice without causing them harm

First coat the rim on the inside of one side of the tube with peanut butter. Place it teetering on an edge somewhere. Place a TALL bucket below. The mouse will will crawl through the tunnel and then it’ll fall over and into the bucket. Because the bucket is too high, it’ll be trapped.
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2. Because the mice are so small, they won’t be injured in the fall.

And you’re safe to take them outside and release them far away from your house.
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Use vinegar and coconut oil to keep the spiders at bay

Simply fill a spray bottle with the two and spray around shower, windows, doors, and under beds



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If moths have infested your home, simply pop all woolen, your silks, and your delicate fabrics things in your freezer for at least 12 hours to kill the pests


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Use Vaseline and a rounded-rimmed jar to catch cockroaches

simply place a beer soaked pice of bread in the bottom of the jar and then coat the rounded rim with Vaseline. The cockroach won’t be able to escape.
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Catch fruit flies with a jar and plastic wrap

Simply fill the far with something sweet, like cut up fruit, and cover the top with plastic wrap. Poke a few holes in the top with a tooth pick. The flies will be able to get in, but they won’t be able to get out
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Draw dusty chalk lines around all entry points

Ants hate things sticking to their feet and won’t want to walk through it.

Soak a cotton ball with tea tree oil and wipe it along the baseboards to keep ants at bay

Mint oil

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Make sachets filled with crushed min, bay leaves, cloves or eucalyptus and leave them around the house. They’ll smell good to humans, but will repel house flies


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