Socks rescued and reused for household items


Socks are one article of clothing that seem to wear out the quickest. Not to mention, you’ve probably collected a whole pile of orphaned ones and ones that didn’t belong to you in the first place. It’s a total shame to have to get rid of them, so why not come up with cool DIY projects and recycle them into something a bit more useful. Here are some cool ways to reuse worn out or old socks. Make sure to wash them thoroughly before you put them to use!

1. Sock Cozies



via Apartment Therapy

Dress up your favorite mug with a sock sleeve. This will be especially helpful now that we have some brisk winter nights ahead.

Arm Warmers


via KrugTheThinker

Have a hole in your sock? Cut off the bottom and use the top to keep you arms cozy!

Sock Gloves


via We Lived Happily Ever After / Collage: Rozin.Abbas

Cut off the tip and create finger-less gloves. Check out the tutorial here!

A Sock Mop


via FirstForWomen

The perfect use for an orphan socks. Dampen the sock with cleaning solution and stretch over your Swiffer (or similar) head.


A Sock Puppet


via craftjr

A classic use if you’re missing one sock out of the pair.



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